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Get a real ski experience throughout Anatolia with us !


Welcome to our pages, the primary information source for skiing and snowboarding in Turkey. We are ready to host you with the traditional Turkish hospitality. Come and explore the untouched corners and breathtaking views of the mountains. 


Thanks to our well-experienced operation team, simply access world-famous ski resorts, test various ski slopes, go wild and try heli skiing, and explore each slope with your snowboard in Turkey. Rest in sublime accommodations, enjoy exquisite services of ski resorts, and feel the warmness of traditional Turkish hospitality in the cold. We welcome ski groups and ski camps for students from all over the world.


Be the a of nature and have fun !


Below Prices are for the 2012 - 2013 Winter Season, but you may freely ask 2015 - 2016 term tariff. The following list is composed based on the travel distance from Istanbul. (Closest on top)


- Green Park Resort - Izmit Kartepe / Facts & Prices

- Grand Yazici Hotel - Bursa Uludag / Facts & Prices

- Karinna Hotel - Bursa Uludag / Facts & Prices

- Uslan Hotel - Bursa Uludag / Facts & Prices

- Atasu Hotel - Bursa Uludag / Facts & Prices

- Beceren Palace - Bursa Uludag / Facts & Prices

- Fergana Buyuk Hotel - Bursa Uludag / Facts & Prices

- Kervansaray Hotel - Bursa Uludag / Facts & Prices

- Fahri Hotel - Bursa Uludag / Facts & Prices

- Palazzo Deluxe - Bolu Kartalkaya / Facts & Prices *** Recommended ! New for 2012 !

- Dorukkaya Hotel - Bolu Kartalkaya / Facts & Prices

- Kartal Hotel - Bolu Kartalkaya / Facts & Prices

- Esentepe Hotel - Bolu for Kartalkaya (1hr) / Facts & Prices

- Doruk Hotel - Çankiri Ilgaz / Facts & Prices

- Saklikent Hotel - Antalya Saklikent / Facts & Prices

- Mirada Del Lago - Kayseri Erciyes / Facts & Prices

- Bulent Hotel - Kayseri Erciyes / Facts & Prices

- Dedeman Ski Lodge - Erzurum Palandoken / Facts & Prices

- Dedeman Hotel - Erzurum Palandoken / Facts & Prices

- Polat Renaissance - Erzurum Palandoken / Facts & Prices

- Camkar Hotel - Kars Sarikamis / Facts & Prices


Skiing arose as an outcome of the struggle of mankind to survive against nature. The primitive form of the ski in pre-historic times, in order for people to walk over the snow, consisted of wooden pieces in various shapes and sizes that were tied to their feet. The very first example of a ski dates back to 5000 years ago. Skis were made from ash, silver birch, and pine wood; the soles of the ski were made of pine wood which had been covered with tar; and the ski soles were made from silver birch wood which was coated with animal hides.

The Development of Ski Sport

Skiing had been used as an intercommunication vehicle in Norway, Sweden, Finland and in some of East European countries, from the 15th century onwards it had been used for military purposes by Sweden Norway, Poland and Russia for the reason of adopting the ski as a sport instrument. Ski competitions were first arranged in Cristina in 1866 and as a result of the great interest shown by the races, a greater organization had been realized in Oslo in 1879 and ski jump races had been executed, for this reason Norwegian man Fridtj of Nansen and his six man squad reached to the northern frontier of Greenland by ski, then after publishing his book named "The First Crossing of Greenland" this had an increasing effect on the interest of skiing. In 1896 Mathias Zdarsky made a great break through by inventing new techniques on the basics of Alpine Style skiing.

The club named "Ski Club de Cristina" founded in 1877 through the attempts made by Fridtj of Nansen, is the first in the world and the others founded in 1890 in Germany in 1907 in France and in 1903 in England then followed. The International Ski

The Historical Ski Types

Siberia, Mongolia and Altai are the places where the ski first arose and was utilized. Later on it stretched

to North America, the Balkans, Anatolia and in the direction of northwest to Scandinavia and Iceland.

A primitive ski (Hoting Ski), which had been found in the year 1921 and made of pine tree in Sweden, had

been determined as being 4500 years old. Three types of skis were found after excavation.


    Southern Style Skis : The skis thought to be used in the Ural Mountains, Middle Europe and Southern

    Norway were tied at the ankles, long and the peaks had been folded upwards.

    Northern Style Skis : The soles of the ski reminiscent of those used in Siberia and the present day, had

    been coated with hide and were short and wide.

    Nordic Style Skis : The sole of the ski implied that the first skis used in Japan were corrugated and the
    left foot was longer than the right one.


    For the History of Skiing in Turkey page, click here.


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